Broadcast and Print Journalist, Columnist and Author

Trusted. Unfiltered. Champion of the underdog

(Also known to tilt at a few windmills)

Born in Providence, Rhode Island. Educated at Boston College and the University of Amsterdam. Has more marriages than children. Has run for Vice President of the United States (2004 – beaten by a man who shot his friend in the face).

  • Two non-fiction books:
    • Daddy, What’s the Middle Class?
    • Left Out in America, the State of Homelessness in the United States.
  • One published children’s book
    • The Special Present.
  • Preparing to publish first novel
    • The Magic Diary.

Pat LaMarche is an educator, journalist,¬†and broadcaster who has successfully managed business and charitable organizations and is well known for her innovative approach to public service. Born in Providence, Rhode Island, educated at Boston College and the University of Amsterdam, Pat now lives in central Pennsylvania. Pat spent decades as a broadcaster turned homeless advocate. After years of reporting on poverty around the globe and here at home, Pat went to work with the nation’s most forgotten and least understood. Pat worked towards broad-spectrum social change, culminating in a 2004 run for Vice President of the United States. Pat is now self employed, writing books, donating her time to The Charles Bruce Foundation (which she and her husband started) to support Writers, Artists and Musicians (WAM!), and playing with her grandchildren.